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Murderous Roots
Canadian doctor and amateur genealogist Anne McPhail finds a murdered woman on the floor of the library in Culver's Mill's, a small town in Vermont. Jennifer Smith, the dead librarian was a gifted genealogical researcher who had been collecting information about her clients, and using it to blackmail them.

The Facepainter Murders
Anne McPhail is back in Culver’s Mills, Vermont for a quiet holiday. But Culver’s Mills is an unlucky spot for her vacation. She finds the dead body of a naked man, and is soon helping her friend Adam Davidson to investigate the murder.

No Motive for Murder
Anne McPhail is on holiday in Bermuda, visiting her sister. She stumbles upon a murder in progress and this time, she is more than just a witness, she is a suspect, dealing with a police officer who decides Anne is guilty, and sticks to it in face of the evidence or lack of it.

The Child on the Terrace
Anne McPhail is in Spain, trying to mend a broken heart and recover from the trauma of Bermuda. Soon she is caught in another international web of deceit. Ari, the Israeli who saved her life wants her help to rescue a child, a child she sees every day on the terrace. Will she help him and who will help her when it all goes wrong?

The Jewelled Egg Murders
A Christmas holiday in Vermont turns deadly for Dr. Anne McPhail whose hopes for a quiet family celebration with Thomas Beauchamp derail when his children reject her, and his mother falls ill.
Anne flees to her friend Catherine's B&B for comfort and a place to stay, but when she goes for a walk in the snow to the town square, she stumbles across a body in her friend Erin's antique store. A few hours later, Erin disappears.
Is Erin a suspect or a victim? While Anne joins the search, an old adversary, plotting revenge, arrives from Europe.  Anne stumbles over another body, and then the killer closes in on her.

Painting of Sorrow
Art conservator Sarah is hiding in Canada, shielded by the US Witness Protection Program.
Someone betrays her and now Jimmy, her brutal ex-husband, is standing on her street, outside her house, waiting. 

She must disappear but what about the Caravaggio she discovered and her boss wants to sell on the black market? And does Simon, the owner of the painting and her new love, want to keep the Caravaggio hidden?
How far will Sarah go to save a priceless old master? What will she give up?
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